Warm Your Hearth this Holiday Season

The holiday season is here and it’s time to get in the spirit of the season. We’re shining a spotlight on all things warm, welcoming, and cozy for your mantel, decor, and living space. We are showcasing our favorite ideas for lighting up your hearth and home for holiday gatherings with friends and family.

Setting the Mood

Curl up on a cold winter’s night by the fireplace with a warm drink in hand. Once there, you’ll want to know what decorative items will make your holiday space cozy and inviting. From colorful string lights to decorative pillows, we’ve gathered everything you need to create your ideal holiday hangout space.

A blank mantel tells no story at all but a cluttered one isn’t much fun to gaze at, snuggled and cozy on a cold December night. Here are some solid choices for making your fireplace the center point of your living area this holiday season

  • Get into the holiday spirit by adding an oversized garland to your fireplace. With twinkling lights woven throughout, this romantic arrangement will warm your heart… and your house.
  • Add a little sparkle to the mantel this holiday season. With a bit of creativity and a few household items, you can make fun glass candlesticks, decorated with metallic fabric, faux chenille stems, or wax-covered wood pieces. Simply fill with your favorite scented candle and let them do their magic as they melt, flow and drip down the faux stems.
  • Whether you like rustic, vintage, or classic Christmas cheer, creating a holiday centerpiece will be both welcoming and full of wonder.
  • Adorn your hearth and home with the warm glow of fresh holiday materials. Bright berries and branches make great, easy-to-replenish decorations, and all you need is a quick trip outside to collect your finds.

Bring in the Light

We love to dress up our home for the holidays. From the first festive Thanksgiving table, to the garlands on our staircase, to draping fairy lights all over the house, there is so many ways to add Christmas magic, with pretty battery-operated tea lights in all colors of the rainbow.

The Holiday season is the perfect time to light up your home with festive lights. Put battery-operated tea lights around your holiday decor for instant candlelight. Wire fairy lights are a beautiful way to dress up banisters and headboards, or bulk-up garland and wreaths. Use the warm glow of Christmas lights to reflect the mood you want at each of your holiday gatherings.

Embracing Hygge

Hygge is about making the simple things matter. That includes getting outdoors to enjoy nature, sitting in front of the fireplace, or spending time with loved ones. On a frigid winter day, bundle up and go for a hike in the woods with someone you love. Pick out some beautiful branches to use in your home as holiday decorations. These warm memories will help carry you through long, dark days and snowy winters.

What says ‘welcome’ and ‘homeliness on a chilly day’ more than the scene of a crackling fire? To celebrate the winter holidays, we invite you to surround yourself with hygge. Get cozy and comfortable. Enjoy light, fire, a good book, and friends.

You can set the holiday mood long before December 25th with a fireplace insert. They are designed to fit almost any fireplace, and provide an immediate and efficient heat source. Enjoy a hypnotic fire all season long, and warm your hearth this holiday season.


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