Our Favorite Fall Décor Trends This Year

The fall is approaching and many of us are already tired of the chaos and confusion that has come with 2020. From COVID-19 to political upheaval, many of us are looking to our homes as a bastion of support and refuge from the world outside. But those of us who have also been stuck inside for the past few months may be looking to make a change in our décor this fall.

Here are the top decorating trends you can choose if you want to make a change this year:

  • Single Colors — For a while, you may have been told to do layers when it comes to colors, pairing up a complementary palette to tie everything together. However, in 2020, many of the designs we are seeing a focus on a single-color scheme. Before you start thinking this may be overwhelming, remember that you can use multiple shades of the same color and also add these with white or cream so it doesn’t look totally monochromatic.
  • Add Color to the Kitchen — Speaking of colors, one of the things you might want to consider redoing is the color scheme of your kitchen. For years now, white has been the dominant color for kitchens. And while it is still the most chosen shade, many designers are pushing people to add color to their kitchen so that it doesn’t look so simple and plain.
  • Invite in the Great Outdoors — Many of us are getting cabin fever thanks to the quarantines and lockdowns. So, you can ease some of the anxiety from this by adding natural touches to your décor. Adding plants and flowers (even if they are fake) can help create a soothing atmosphere. To add to this, include scented candles to bring in some soft lighting with the smells of nature. You can also try using rattan furniture and furniture accents. This material, previously thought to be exclusively for outdoor patio furniture, is another way to add some outdoor feel to your home.
  • Bold Laundry RoomsOne of the most forgotten rooms in the house is the laundry room. But this year, spruce up this bland room with some bold colors or decorative flairs. Chalkboard walls are a great way to enliven the laundry room so you can let the little ones do some decorating of their own. And, if you are like us and love different storage solutions, this is the perfect time to look at what options are out there.

Don’t let the world around you get you down. Take charge of your own home and do a little redecorating this fall with these great ideas to liven up your environment.


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