Where to Start for New Gardeners This Spring

One of the most relaxing and fulfilling hobbies that anyone can take up is the time-honored tradition of gardening. It’s also one of the most therapeutic hobbies you can have as it helps you center yourself physically and mentally.

Every year, I hear friends and family members say that they’re interested in gardening, but they don’t know how to get started. Well, never fear.

Here are handy tips on where to begin this spring with starting your own garden:

  1. Flowers vs. Vegetables — One of the first things you want to do is figure out what type of garden you will have as this will make huge differences early on. If you are looking to create your own food that you can use to cook, then certainly go for the vegetable garden. However, if you just want a garden that is beautiful to look at as well as fragrant, then flowers are your best option.


  1. Map Out Your Yard — A garden will need lots of sunlight, usually at least six hours a day. So, over the course of a few days, observe how the sun falls in your yard. Are there spots that are too covered by shade from trees or other houses? If so, then these aren’t good spots for your garden. Pick something that is in direct sunlight for most of the day, if possible.


  1. Get the soil ready — Next, you will want to prepare the ground for gardening. The first thing to do is to dig up the sod and replace it with about 2 to 3 inches of compost (old lawn clippings, leaves, and manure). This will let the earthworms do their thing and begin moving those nutrients into the soil to make for a fertile garden. You will also need to work the soil yourself. If you are just starting out, you can do this by digging the 10 inches of dirt or so and mixing in the compost. If you can get your hands on a rototiller, then this process will go a lot quicker and easier.


  1. Plant your garden — Now is the time to plant your seeds or small plants. Be sure to check for things that grow well in your climate and with your amount of sunlight. Sunflowers and lettuce are two easy options.


  1. Keep them maintained — Now that you’ve done the hard work, it’s time to maintain the garden. Water your plants regularly so that they can thrive. Don’t water them during the hottest part of the day as the sun is liable to “burn off” the water. Early morning or right as the sun is setting is best. Also, go through your garden at regular intervals to weed it and check for insects that may be damaging your plants.


Starting a garden is something that is so easy that almost anyone can do it. But it can still be intimidating for first-timers. By taking these simple steps, you can make sure that your garden gets off to a good start.


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