Celebrating Valentine’s Day At Home

This Valentine’s Day will look different than the usual chocolates, flowers, and reservations. That doesn’t mean you can’t make the best of it! Whether you are part of a couple, celebrating with friends, or rolling solo there are still ways to make this holiday work for you – even from home.

Not loving the idea of a crowded restaurant on February 14th? Here are some ways to make Valentine’s day special at home instead.

Be Lazy Day

Instead of going all out for the romantic ideal this year, why not plan a day to just be lazy together at home? A full day with no errands, no work, no chores, and no commitment to anything but spending time with each other could be just the thing you both need to make this Valentine’s Day special. This works just as well for those unattached – unplug, relax, and do something that you enjoy.

Yummy Take-Out

The good thing about the past year is that just about every restaurant has ramped up and perfected their take-out game. What’s your favorite restaurant and could you have your meal delivered? Because of the popularity of this holiday, plan early anyway as your fave spot could be swamped on February 14th. Make it a coordinated effort and gather a few of your single friends for a Zoom dinner if you’re feeling up to organizing it!

Cocktail Party for Two

Instead of going out to enjoy your favorite drinks, grab all the ingredients and have a cocktail mixing party for two! Want to try some new drinks? Sites like YouTube and Pinterest have tons of ideas for new drinks you can mix and try at home. No need for a designated driver for this party! This works great for long-distance relationships too – just jump on Zoom and make drinks together.

Take a Virtual Class

Lots of teachers are capitalizing on Valentine’s Day by planning virtual activities you can do from home. Check out Eventbrite for everything from online concerts and cooking events to virtual couples massage. Learn something new while making memories with someone special. If this holiday is tough for you, this may be a good way to take your focus off how you feel and participate in something fun instead. Ask your friends if they’d like to join you!

Really, when a holiday isn’t going to go as planned there are always ways to adapt or reclaim the day for yourself. Have a lovely Valentine’s Day everyone!


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Valentine's Day